JENN-AIR repair OC

Jenn-Air repairs in Orange County

Jenn-Air is a company specializing in high-end kitchen appliances. People respect Jenn-Air as a brand because of their sophisticated designs, innovations and high quality. This company offers a lot of home appliances: cooktops, dishwashers, microwaves, ranges, range tops, refrigerators, wall ovens, just to name a few.

Repairs of Jenn-Air Orange County

Despite being a high-end appliance company, Jenn-Air products also encounter issues when it comes to the performance. Check this quick Jenn-Air oven troubleshooting guide.

  • Check the LCD display. This seems like common sense: if the display is not working, then you have a power-related issue on your hands.
  • Check the settings. They may be entirely wrong, don’t hesitate to change them.
  • Check to see if the oven’s door is completely shut.
  • Check if the “button lock” function is on. That may prevent you from fixing the issue.
  • Check the temperature. Closely related to the settings part, but you’d be surprised how many people tend to adjust the temperature wrong.

These are just a few issues that might arise while using a Jenn-Air branded appliance. This guide is in no way the most complete one, so we suggest you search the web from a more precise guide, based on the model’s serial number.

However, we would also like to point out that the best way to go about fixing a Jenn-Air appliance is to call a technician, this company is well-known for their intricate technology and someone with no experience could potentially ruin a perfectly good appliance due to the lack of know-how. Our technicians have extensive experience when it comes to Jenn-Air products. See it for yourself! Our services are affordable, but they are also high-quality. Seems fitting for a Jenn-Air product, don’t you agree?

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