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LG Repairs In Orange County

LG Electronics is a South Korean electronics company, it’s one of the most famous in the world. They are the world’s second-largest TV manufacturer. People constantly talk about LG TVs, LG mobile devices, frequently overlooking LG home appliances. LG sells various kinds of home appliances, including refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, microwave ovens. LG is famous for its high quality, it’s so popular for a very good reason.

Repairs Of LG Orange County

LG is popular and you know what’s also popular? LG’s refrigerators. It’s a premium-quality home appliance sold for a reasonable price. However, even with quality like that, refrigerator may stop working properly for seemingly no good reason. Even one tiny error or malfunction can cause serious issues that affect your LG refrigerator’s performance. There are many prevalent issues, let’s go over some of them.

  • LG refrigerator is not cooling. The most common cause would be: the condenser coils are dirty. Even the people who clean the refrigerators regularly, they always tend to overlook the condenser coils. These are located UNDER the refrigerator. If they are dirty, the heat won’t dissipate. Other possible causes: condenser fan motor is broken.
  • LG refrigerator’s ice maker is not working. The most common cause: freezer’s temperature is not set properly. Usually, the cutaway line is 10 degrees. More causes: water inlet valve is not working properly, ice make assembly may be faulty in some way.
  • LG refrigerator freezing food. That’s when you check the thermistor. It’s responsible for the temperature monitoring. Other possible causes: main control board isn’t working properly. That one is rare, mind you. It’s probably the thermistor.

These were the most prevalent issues when it comes to LG refrigerators. LG has many products besides refrigerators and the troubleshooting guide above is not definitive by any means. We strongly suggest you seek professional help. Our company will help you out with any and all LG home appliance issues.

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