Washer Maintenance Advice

Having a washer that doesn’t work properly may affect your day-to-day life in the worst ways imaginable. You know that the laundry will start piling up at a ridiculous rate. That’s the reason why it’s vital to keep your unit functioning properly, you need to address any issues that might arise in the swiftest manner possible.

Our OC Repair company will take care of any kinds of repairs needed, but we also try to educate our customers on the fundamentals of washer maintenance. That makes your life and our job way easier, so why not take a minute to read this brief article?

Washer Maintenance Advice

There’s no shortage of ways for the client to avoid the stress of having a damaged/broken washer. There’s a good reason proper maintenance is so vital. Using these methods, you can avoid all the pricey repairs.

  • Make sure the hoses are clean. Especially if you use the washer often (i.e. several times a day), you should check the hoses at least once a month. Even something as insignificant as tiny cracks should be dealt with immediately, these, for example, could possibly cause a serious leakage or could wind up exploding. You’re going to end up dealing with the costly repairs and the flood damage. In case the hoses need replacing, you should always buy the highest-quality ones. You might spend a bit more than you wanted, but it’s going to save you money in the long run.
  • You must never overload your washer. No matter how tempting it may seem, you mustn’t ever do that. The load limit exists for a good reason, the unit might start malfunctioning, this could lead to even more serious issues in the long run.
  • Ensure your unit is placed on a level surface. Even a tiny bit of imbalance would make the washer vibrate and shake more than it was intended. Which means some parts will become loose. Try to keep it as close to the floor as possible. The smaller the unit is, the less chances of it vibrating above average.
  • You must clean your unit using ONLY high-end cleaning products. Naturally, the residue builds up inside the washer and this causes clogging. Regular cleaning will help you avoid strange odors and it will also prevent mold from growing.
  • You must clean the softener dispenser on the regular basis, too. The more you wait, the harder it becomes to remove the residue.
  • Another way of stopping the mold from growing – keep the unit’s door open until everything is completely dry. Thanks to this simple technique, moisture won’t accumulate inside of your washer and this will help with all the funny smells, as well.
  • The user manual is more important than the instructions on the detergent. Always refer to the user manual when it comes to the proper amount.

These tips are incredibly easy to follow, and they will prolong your unit’s lifespan. With that in mind, you have to realize that if you encounter some serious issues – you should seek professional help. If there’s an issue with your washer, give us a call and we will resolve the issue the same day. We use only authentic parts, we guarantee top-quality services. We do our work late at night, during the weekend, you won’t have to wait if you need your problem to be addressed immediately. Our OC Repairs company will fix any appliance, no matter the brand and kind.

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