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U-Line Repair Orange County

U-Line is an American company, specializing in high-end refrigerators, well-known for their minimal electricity usage and fast ice production. U-Line has been around since 1962. They sell a variety of upscale products, including refrigerators, beverage centers, ice machines, freezers.

Repairs Of U-Line Orange County

Even high-end refrigerators like those made by U-Line can malfunction once in a while. Let’s go over the most common problems and their possible causes.

  • Refrigerator doesn’t work, electronic display isn’t showing anything. There are two main reasons that could cause this: either there’s no electrical supply or the surrounding air temperature is lower than 50 degrees.
  • The light inside doesn’t work. Once again, it could be a power-related issue, so you need to check the circuit breaker. If that doesn’t help and you’re sure the unit is getting sufficient electricity, then you have to change or tighten the lightbulb.
  • Refrigerator is not cool enough. All in all, this is one of the widespread problems, U-Line or not. First off, you have to clean the condenser coils. If these are dirty, the refrigerator won’t work properly. If that doesn’t help, you have to re-adjust airflow to the front grille. There are some other ways you can make your unit cool again. First off, make sure that the temperature is set properly. Maybe your refrigerator is brand new, it needs up to a day to stabilize. Maybe the door is not properly closed, i.e. the lock doesn’t engage.
  • U-Line refrigerator makes weird noises. These are the normal sounds, we haven’t had any U-Line refrigerators that had this problem.

All in all, this guide should help you in case you encounter small issues with your U-Line refrigerator. Always remember to never attempt repair until the power’s off. Check the warranty or give us a call. We know how to fix U-Line refrigerators, we’re going to make it look easy!

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