Wolf Repairs Orange County

Wolf is a company that makes home appliances, they are mostly known for their cooking appliances. In 2000, they teamed up with Sub-Zero company. Now, for the last 17 years, the both companies have emerged as one of the very best when it comes to home appliances. Wolf has been around since 1945. Their most popular products: ranges, microwaves, cooktops, rangetops, built-on ovens.

Repairs Of Wolf Orange County

Wolf is a company that’s well-known for products that exceed the customer’s expectations. Despite not being pricey, the products they sell are undeniably high-end. However, no matter how amazing the performance is, you are bound to run into some issues, mostly minor. Here are a few common complaints when it comes to Wolf products.

Wolf oven makes too much noise. That’s not life-ending, but it’s annoying. Here’s what you can do: you can make the machine clean itself to help reduce noise. If that fails, (for gas ovens only) run the oven at a high temperature for about 60-120 minutes. If your unit is new, then you should just give it time. The noise will go away.

Wolf range burner doesn’t ignite. First thing you have to do is to check the electrical panel, if it doesn’t light up – check the electrical connection (circuit breaker, wiring, etc.). If the panel is working – check the igniter mechanism. It maybe moist, which prevents it from creating a spark. Quick note: don’t just spray cleaning products on your range, this way you can avoid this issue in the future.

These were some of the most popular problems and how to deal with them. The guide is brief, because you can’t fix an appliance remotely, you can’t exactly pin-point the problem without looking at the Wolf product up close. If after all of the above your problems weren’t resolved or you still have some questions: don’t hesitate to give us a call. We will gladly help you with any and all issues!

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